After a successful Hibrewnation in York last month, creators of the beer festival have decided to bring it back next winter — to York and Gettysburg.

In 2015, the Gettysburg Allstar Expo Complex will also play host to winter fest, which will bring roughly 30 to 40 beer vendors, around 100 selections of beer and 1,200 patrons to the Adams County venue.

Matthew Davis, one of the events organizers from CrocodileDog Marketing, said this sequel should surpass the first festival because next year he plans to add snacks, food trucks, laser tag and an arcade.

Setting up in Gettysburg will give the group more freedom to make the festival family-friendly, Davis said.

"We are working with Destination Gettysburg as well to see if we can make the festival a small part of a much larger-destination weekend," Davis said. "Most people don't think of doing stuff in Gettysburg in the winter, but it's still there."

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Hibrewnation is the third of CrocodileDog Marketing's local, alcohol-based festivals. Davis and his marketing partner, Brian Dudley, started in 2008 with Taste of Pa., a spring wine festival with a beer garden. Then, in 2010, came Yorktoberfest, a fall festival with nearly equal attention spent on wine and beer.


A love and appreciation for all things beer inspired Davis to add another festival. Davis said he devotes all his time to seeking out new craft beers, trying them, documenting them and bringing them to people who don't have time to discover the new tastes themselves.

All three events have had an increase in attendees and participants each year and the beer sells out every time, Davis said. He personally picks all of the beer for the festival.

"I choose what I want and we order it," Davis said. "If a brewery would like to send a representative, we will give them their own table and usually purchase some higher-end options from them."

Davis and his marketing group are also planning to have Hibrewnation return to the York Fairgrounds in February and possibly host one in Harrisburg at the Farm Show Complex in December.