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The Novel Ideas will perform a free show 8 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 17, at Tellus360, 24 E. King St., Lancaster. Brooklyn-based indie-pop band Frances Cone is also on the bill. For details, call or visit 717-393-1660 or visit tellus360.com.

Q: Have you ever played in the area before?

A: We actually played at (Tellus360) in June. It wasn't part of a tour. We loved it. Everyone was super nice there, and they seemed really excited about putting on shows. It's always good to get fed at a venue, especially when we've got four vegetarians in the band. (It's) unusual on tour to find a place that provides vegan food.

Q: How did the band form?

A: The band started just about two years ago. It started with an album that our guitarist, Danny, and I wrote over the summer. There really wasn't a band, and then we sort of formed the band with our bassist, James, around that album. Then we added Sarah, who now sings and writes.

Q: What is that album titled?

A: It (is) "Home." Danny and I started writing these songs while I was abroad in Italy, and he had just moved home from college in Maine. We were sending these songs back and forth to each other. My songs were mainly about missing home ... and people at home. His songs were kind of about reconciling. He was coming home and living at home (but) he was ready to get a job and get his life started. When we started recording, we had no expectations to start a band. We just thought it would be fun. Then, we finished the album ... and decided to try the songs out live.


Q: Where in Italy were you?

A: I was studying in Florence, which is extremely beautiful. But it's sort of like the Disneyland of Italy. It's very tourist-y. That being said, there are a lot of expats living there. There's actually a cool music community I discovered while I was there. Everyone (in the Novel Ideas) is from Massachusetts. Danny and I have been friends since kindergarten.

Q: Has it been fun to expand your sound?

A: (After starting the band) it became much more collaborative. Sarah joined the band ... and we found out that she's an amazing songwriter. We started playing songs of hers. We released a new song with her singing lead called "Lost on the Road" … a couple months ago. That song and the other song we released this year are kind of like our first effort as a five-piece. Everyone ... contributed to the songs in a big way.

Q: Where have you been this summer?

A: We've been just doing just weeks of tours and coming back for a bit. We're planning to go into the studio this fall. There are some songs we're excited to record. We did shows in Washington D.C. and New York and Boston. It's nice to be home this summer because it looks like we'll have a really busy fall and winter coming up.

Q: What is the story behind "Lost on the Road"?

A: While (Sarah) was recording it, I made a note that (one line she sang) had to be the name of the song. Danny had the idea of naming our first tour "Lost on the Road." We liked that imagery. Before we left (Danny's family) had a big send-off party. They made a big sing that said, "Don't get lost on the road."

Q: Have you guys gotten lost?

A: Not yet. Fingers crossed that we don't. We hit a lot of cities that we've never played before and some of us had never been to before. Sometimes we get to a venue and load in and are like, "Oh my God. Where are we? Is anyone going to come to the show?" We had a lot of luck with people coming out. We had a lot of great first shows in cities we never played before. That was exciting.

Q: What can people expect if they come out?

A: We verge on Americana. Our influences are all over the place. I think we are going to post Spotify play lists (of what we listen to in the car). I'm obsessed with both Emmylou Harris, who we are playing (the FreshGrass bluegrass festival) with in the fall, and Taylor Swift. Danny introduced me to Jackson Browne. Sarah likes the old stuff like Patsy Cline.

Q: What is coming up for you?

A: We're definitely excited to be touring again. We have, like, 22 shows in 30-something days. We're going to put out a music video hopefully (this month). Danny ... is a videographer, and he documented a lot of the stuff we did on the last tour. It's kind of like a tour video, which is exciting because when we were growing up we always watched other bands put out tour videos. It romanticizes being on the road. It's certainly tiring being on the road that long and sleeping on random beds, floors and couches. We are all really good friends, so we get a long really well.

About the band

Members: Daniel Radin, Danny Hoshino, Sarah Grella, James Parkington and Nick Mitchell

Website: thenovelideas.com

Contact Erin McCracken at 717-771-2051.