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Fans packed York's Strand-Capitol Performing Arts Center Monday to meet Live's new lead singer, Chris Shinn.

Shinn took the stage with his new band mates Chad Taylor, Patrick Dahlheimer and Chad Gracey, taking the spot once held by Ed Kowalczyk. The original band formed in York in the 80s and rose to fame with platinum albums and world tours.

The four original group members grew up in York and formed the band here in the mid-1980s. Together, they rose to fame with platinum albums and world tours through the millennium. But in 2009, Kowalczyk left the band and the other three members formed the side group The Gracious Few with members of Candlebox.

It looked like Live might be finished. But Taylor, Dahlheimer and Gracey began to work behind the scenes about a year ago to bring the band back together.

Live lead guitarist Chad Taylor and lead singer Chris Shinn perform during a sound check Monday.
Live lead guitarist Chad Taylor and lead singer Chris Shinn perform during a sound check Monday. (FLIPSIDE CHRIS DUNN )
When Kowalczyk declined to rejoin the band, they reached out to Shinn.

So who is Chris Shinn?

He hails from Charlotte, N.C., and now splits his time between Nashville, Tenn. and York.

He's known most for being lead singer of Unified Theory, a band composed of Shinn; former Blind Melon members Brad Smith and Christopher Thorn, a Dover native; and former Pearl Jam drummer Dave Krusen.

He met the guys in Live while opening for them on tour with Unified Theory more than a decade ago.

When Thorn was trying to reboot Blind Melon about four years ago, he reached out to Shinn to front that band, but the timing wasn't right.

Would he ever consider that offer if it came up again? Shinn said not right now, since he's committed to Live.

"I'm not going to be the guy from every 90s band," Shinn said with a laugh.

After sound check, Shinn said he was more excited than nervous for Monday's show.

Here are more behind-the-scenes details:

·Chad Taylor sent female openers Dana Alexandra and Rain Dogs member Kate Young each a vase of red roses from Live before the show.

· Advice from Bill Thompson, the band's tour manager, who ran tours for everyone from Paul McCartney to Usher: "Know what the guys want. Know their personalities. Keep it simple, stupid."

· The name of Taylor's mint green Jazzmaster guitar: Ruby Lou, which is also his daughter's name

· Adam Taylor, Chad's brother, opened the show. Adam is about 20 years younger than Chad. He grew up in Maryland, but moved to Lancaster a few years ago.

· Who were the two other guys on stage with the band Monday? Candlebox guitarist Sean Hennesy and Lancaster multi-instrumentalist Alexander Lefever.

· Is Live working on new material? Both Shinn and Taylor said the band has a handful of new songs, but is going to wait to see what the best way to release them will be. Traditional album releases are becoming outdated, Taylor added.

· Where does the band like to hang out in York? The after party following Monday's show was at White Rose Bar and Grill. An old favorite is Jim and Nena's Pizzeria in York. They also grab bites at York restaurants The Left Bank, Maewyn's Irish Pub and Restaurant and Bistro 19.

· In January, Taylor, Dahlheimer, Gracey and Bill Hynes, operating as Lancaster-based development company Think Loud, announced plans to move into a 47,000-square-foot structure in York. They plan to create jobs by bringing in a tech company and creating a studio. Shinn said he's interested in getting involved with the project.

Hynes said that Live, their friends and any artists signed to their record label Questionable Entertainment will use the space. He added that the band is in discussions with York College to bring students into the studio to learn about recording arts.

· The Gracious Few will perform at Antone's Saturday during the South by Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas. Candlebox and another guest group are on the bill.

- Erin McCracken,
FlipSide staff

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