Josh Smith said he and his Halestorm bandmates are still grinning from ear-to-ear.

On Sunday, the group, which has Red Lion roots, took home the Grammy for Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance. Its single "Love Bites (So Do I)" beat out offerings from genre heavyweights, including Iron Maiden, Megadeth and Marilyn Manson.

Until they took their seats Sunday, Smith, the group's bassist, said the band was too busy to think about its chances of winning.

It flew to Los Angeles about two weeks earlier for some recording sessions. It shot a music video and, on Jan. 29, appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

Smith said a stylist worked with the band to cultivate its look. Halestorm enjoyed playing dress-up, he added, but for the Grammys red carpet it stuck with to the rock-appropriate black - embellished with a few colorful and metallic accents.

The nerves started to kick in as Halestorm waited for its category to be announced during the pre-telecast. A few groups seated nearby won awards in Reggae and Latin categories.

"We're getting closer and closer and my legs were just shaking," Smith said.

He added that the band members agreed that the nomination was enough to be thankful for. But in the middle of the ceremony, they decided to type some names of folks they would want to thank into their phones - just in case. Then, the Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance winner was announced.

"I think all of us can say there was a delayed reaction," Smith said, recalling the moment the band found out it won the Grammy. "They announced 'Love Bites' first. We didn't hear it."

After a second, the band realized what happened and gathered for an embrace with family before heading to the stage. "We were trying to read off the names," Smith said. "Any meager preparation we did went completely out the window."

Smith brought his fiancée Alexis Beyer. Drummer Arejay Hale brought his girlfriend.

Halestorm celebrates winning a Grammy. The band took home the Grammy award Sunday.
Halestorm celebrates winning a Grammy. The band took home the Grammy award Sunday. (ASSOCIATED PRESS)
Lead singer Lzzy Hale brought her and Arejay's mom, Beth. Guitarist Joe Hottinger also brought his mom.

Back in Smith's hometown in Montgomery County, Pa., his family gathered to watch. It didn't take long for Smith's phone to overload with calls, texts and tweets. The same was true for the rest of the group, he added.

The group knew York County fans would be going nuts, too, since the band used to live and perform in the area. Halestorm started there in the late '90s with Arejay and Lzzy. Hottinger and Smith joined around 2004. About a year later, the rock quartet inked a record deal with Atlantic Records.

"York is just home, and it has ... the best people," Smith said.

But now, the band's home base is mostly on the road.

After wrapping studio sessions in Los Angeles, Lzzy and Hottinger will fly to Sweden to perform at an award's show. In March, the band will hop the pond for a short tour in the U.K. After that, it will head out on a national tour with Bullet For My Valentine.

But for now, Halestorm is still trying to let its Grammy win sink in. The band was slated for some studio time Monday, but its producer gave members the day off.

"I think we needed it," Smith said with a laugh. "If anything, after winning this, I was so ready to get back to work. To be recognized by your peers - that says to me that all that hard work has paid off. But it makes me so hungry to get back at it."

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Halestorm at the Grammys

Dozens of Grammys were handed out before Sunday's televised ceremony on CBS.

Halestorm won its award for best hard rock performance during the pre-telecast, which aired online. But the band also got to attend the televised portion of the evening.

Halestorm bassist Josh Smith said his favorite moments of this year's Grammys included the performances.

"Kelly Clarkson was amazing," he said. "Bruno (Mars) killed it. I've always been a huge Sting fan."

He added that Halestorm was also awed by the production end of the ceremony.

"What you don't see on TV is everything going on behind the camera and the stages moving around and the people making the show happen," he said.

After the awards, the band partied with the rest of the music industry.

"I think the most memorable (star I met) was Ed Sheeran," Smith said.

Sheeran, an English singer/songwriter, performed his hit single "The A Team" with Elton John on the Grammys stage.

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