You can see Ecto-1 Friday at Timeline Arcade in the North Hanover Mall.
You can see Ecto-1 Friday at Timeline Arcade in the North Hanover Mall. (SUBMITTED)
Nevermind the ghouls and goblins beginning to haunt neighborhoods.

There's something strange in the North Hanover Mall. And, luckily, Brandon Spencer already called the Ghostbusters.

On Friday, actors - dressed up like Peter Venkman and crew - will inspect Spencer's mall shop, Timeline Arcade.

Anyone who yearns to be a paranormal exterminator can play the arcade's 1980s Ghostbusters game. The three-player setup lets gamers strap on a virtual Proton Pack and capture ghosts. Timeline's Addams Family pinball machine is also a popular Halloween game, Spencer added.

The Ghostbusters party will ramp up around 5 p.m. with candy, food and beverages. But a replica of Ecto-1 - the Ghostbusters mode of transportation - will be in front of the arcade all day.

"It has sirens and lights and gadgets and moving parts," Spencer said.

Todd Couzins of New Oxford built the vehicle using his family's 1973 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser. He said that without the car, he wouldn't have created the Ecto-1.

"This was sitting in the garage," he said. "It was asking for it."

He had taken the original Oldsmobile to a few area car shows, but it didn't turn heads.

A few years ago, Couzins was passing out Halloween candy, and thought about what affect the Ecto-1 would have if it greeted trick-or-treaters walking up his driveway.

He started collecting parts in early 2010 after searching the Internet for clues on what pieces to order. It took months to procure the light bars and oxygen tanks.


A local shop built the roof rack.

After a two-day build in August 2010, the car was ready for the 50th Annual Chicken BBQ at Cross Keys Village, where Couzins works.

"Once I had it I just couldn't keep it in the garage," he said with a laugh. At that car show, the revamped Oldsmobile attracted a crowd.

That fall, Ecto-1 rode in Halloween parades in Hanover and New Oxford. Last year's Oct. 29 freak snow storm kept it off the streets.

Once Couzins started taking the Ghostbusters mobile to car shows, people began telling him about more car-related events.

He brought Ecto-1 to the September Horrorfind

Weekend in Gettysburg and met Spencer, who invited him to cruise by Timeline Arcade.

Couzins said he classifies himself as a Ghostbusters fan, but not a crazy fan, although others might disagree.

At the Carlisle GM Nationals in June, he met some folks interested in staring a central Pennsylvania Ghostbusters group, complete with the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

"It's still in the real early stages," Couzins said.

Spencer chalks renewed Ghostbusters fandom up to '80s and '90s nostalgia.

"Everyone seems to want to relive those years," he said.


Join the Ghostbusters fun Friday at Timeline Arcade in the North Hanover Mall, 1155 Carlisle St, Hanover. Get details at

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'Wreck-It Ralph' event

The Disney movie "Wreck-It Ralph" hits theaters Nov. 2.

Wreck-It Ralph is the villain of the 1980s arcade video game "Fix-It Felix Jr." The movie features characters from several classic arcade games.

Timeline Arcade is celebrating the movie and the store's first anniversary Nov. 2 with a Wreck-It-Ralph event.

There will be a $10 special for all-day game play, and a group is planning to head to

R/C Hanover Movies, 380 Eisenhower Drive, Hanover, to see the movie that evening.

For details, call 717-634-2600 or visit