Kingsfoil’s new album, ’A Beating Heart is a Bleeding Heart’ is now available.
Kingsfoil's new album, 'A Beating Heart is a Bleeding Heart' is now available.

Kingsfoil lead singer Jordan Davis summed up the past few months in a sentence: "We're a smaller band without a label ... getting really cool buzz."

During the past decade, the York County rock quartet has become one of the biggest regional acts. And since adding a new drummer - former "Malcolm in the Middle" star Frankie Muniz - this spring, it's getting national attention.

Its new album, "A Beating Heart is a Bleeding Heart," hits iTunes and other outlets Tuesday, Sept. 25. The effort caps a summer in which the band was simultaneously in the studio and preparing for live gigs.

"We literally lived with each other in a van for a month this summer," Davis said during a recent phone interview.

And even though the band might be on the brink of something big, its transportation and accommodations are less than luxurious.

"Sometimes we're sleeping on a floor next to each other," Davis said with a laugh. "We're pretty well bonded at this point."

In August, Kingsfoil released its first single from the new album, "What Your Mother Taught You." The music video followed a few weeks later and garnered thousands of web hits.

"I feel super fortunate to have so much good feedback," Davis said. "You know that you made a song you're really excited about. You never know whether people will like it."

Davis came up with a rough concept for the video, in which he sings to a woman at a crowded house party. But he said the other band members helped flesh it out. Muniz's acting experience, he added, was helpful during the overnight shoot.

"We actually filmed (at) my cousin's house in Germantown," Davis said. The old mansion stood out in the rough neighborhood on the fringes of Philadelphia, he added.

The first single, like many songs on "A Beating Heart is a Bleeding Heart," is meant to stand on its own, Davis said. People in the digital age consume music differently; people download singles as opposed to albums.

Davis said that's why Kingsfoil tries to offer a variety of songs that would appeal to a wide audience.

On Saturday, it will debut new tunes and bring out older ones at a venue that's become familiar - Lancaster's Chameleon Club.

"It's going to be a big show for us," Davis said. "I can already tell it's going to be a good night."

It will be nice to be back in southcentral Pennsylvania, he added. In the past week, the band has played the Dewey Beach Music Conference, opened for Third Eye Blind in Towson, Md., and made media appearances in Philadelphia and New York.

Things don't slow down during the next six weeks: The band will be out on the road playing shows from Pittsburgh to Chicago to Los Angeles.

"It's going to get really busy for us," Davis said. "It's surreal. I always make myself take a second to be thankful for it."

And the band is already itching to get back in the studio. The songs on "A Beating Heart is a Bleeding Heart" were all written before Muniz joined the band, Davis explained, so they're anxious to write music with him.

But despite its hectic schedule and sleeping arrangements, Kingsfoil isn't too worried about a record deal at the moment. It released its new CD on its own label, Holiday Heart Records.

"We're really excited that there is no filter between us and our fans," Davis said. "I don't think that we're actively seeking a label. If they want to reach out to us then we're obviously going to listen. We're excited to be doing it on our own right now."

History of the band

Jordan Davis and Tristan Martin formed Kingsfoil as an acoustic duo around 2002. About four years later, they added more members, including Tim Warren and Joe Cipollini. The quartet filled its schedule with local shows, national festivals, opening spots for bigger acts and airtime on WXPN-FM. Earlier this year, Cipollini, who works in real estate, decided he wanted to pursue that career path.

After a post-"Malcolm in the Middle" auto racing career, Muniz joined the band You Hang Up, which shared a manager with Kingsfoil. You Hang Up dissolved in August 2011, so Muniz decided to give the Kingsfoil gig a shot with an audition this spring.

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