Band: Ten Throne

Members: Adam "Digger" Lefever, vocals; Zach Graham, guitar; Josh Wolpert, guitar; Eian Wolpert, bass; Eric McNeil, drums

Who we talked to: Josh Wolpert, 30

How did you guys meet/ How long have you been performing together? It kind of started out with me and Eian. We've been playing together since we were kids. Once we got out of high school, we kind of got more serious about it and put an ad in the newspaper for a drummer. That's how we came across Eric. We started playing cover music with another singer. (I knew) Adam ... through mutual friends. I was at a party one night and he was playing an acoustic guitar and singing. It sounded awesome, so I approached him about doing some original stuff with us. We started writing music immediately and were probably in the studio .

Ten Throne plays ’meat-and-potatoes’ hard rock.
Ten Throne plays 'meat-and-potatoes' hard rock. (SUBMITTED)
... about two months after we've been together with him as a singer recording our first album.

How did you come up with the name? We wanted a band name that didn't exist. You'd be really surprised at how many band names already exist. (Adam) actually came up with the name Broken Throne. We through that kind of had a cool vibe to it, but the more I thought about it, it sounded like a toilet. (Laughs) We asked him, "What else do you got?" He just said, "Ten Throne."

Who are your influences? We all grew up in the '90s, so we were always big fans of Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains and Nirvana and a lot of the grunge bands. Fuel was a big (influence) and Breaking Benjamin. A lot of people compare us to them. We all like off-the-wall stuff, too. Adam is a real big fan of country music. He actually writes country music also.

Describe your sound and style: Just hard, modern rock. We're really not re-inventing the wheel. It's just meat-and- potatoes hard rock.

Do you want to talk about the album? It was actually just about a year ago that we got together with Adam. I told the rest of the band about this guy. He just asked us to show him some stuff that we had written. We played it, and he just kind of started doing stuff with it on the spot. It took us not even two weeks to go in and start recording an album. We went in ... with actually only two songs written and while we were in the process of recording those two songs, we were writing the rest of the songs. It just happened so fast, and it was just so natural. Everybody was on the same page with everything, so it was just a real smooth experience. The guys ... at Atrium Audio (are) great guys to work with.

What are the songs about? (It's) mostly... about relationships - not necessarily (with) significant others. We try to leave it open (so) people can kind of make of it what they want. It's mostly about experiences that everybody feels ... just being heartbroken or discontent - mostly bad feelings. (Laughs) That's kind of just what came out. I write the music and (Adam) writes the melody and the lyrics.

Did you have a CD release party? I think that happened in late January (or) early February. We released it over at Fat Daddy's. All our friends are from there, and we've been playing at Fat Daddy's for a long time. They're really good to us.

(Response to the CD) has been great. We've been playing a lot of shows. We got the chance to play with Fuel, which is one of our favorite bands, and Trapt, another one of our favorite bands. We're already in the studio working on (album) No. 2. Hopefully, that will turn out better.

These days, bands seem to be cranking out more music more often. That's us. We'll practice the songs maybe two or three times a month. The rest of the time we just spend writing new stuff. Music is constantly changing, and we're constantly evolving into whatever we're going to be. We haven't been together that ... long, so we're still experimenting with our sound and where we want to go musically.

Is it sometimes hard to win people over to original music? Absolutely, especially when you're going out of our hometown and playing out of state. We do the Chameleon Club in Lancaster pretty frequently. We've actually been traveling up to New York City and places like that. You'll get ... on bills with bands that are a totally different style of music. It's the nature of the beast.

- Erin McCracken,
FlipSide staff


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