Sam Allen of Bube's Brewery looked for the laptop.

He heard that if the "Ghost Hunters" team found evidence of paranormal activity, they brought their equipment to show the building's owner. No laptop: No evidence of ghosts.

The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) of "Ghost Hunters" brought a laptop when it met with staff at the Mount Joy brewery complex this winter. Allen, who has owned Bube's for about 30 years, said he wasn't shocked. The structure was a small brewery around 1859. About 20 years later, a hotel was built.

"People came and went from here since the 1860s," he said. "It was a very active property."

Several paranormal investigation groups have visited Bube's and posted about the complex online. Allen said that's probably how "Ghost Hunters" heard about it. Producers of the show contacted them and asked the staff to collect and send ghostly evidence.

Jean Ellis - the great-granddaughter of founder Alois Bube - took care of that. She's lead ghost tours at Bube's for about eight years and had collected staff hauntings in a book titled "Spirits in Brewery." She also sent "Ghost Hunters" electronic voice phenomena (EVP) and photos of the property.

But Ellis has no ghost stories of her own. Her father ran a funeral home, she explained, so her guess is that she's immune to spirits.

Allen said he's never experienced ghosts, but he can't ignore the similarity of reports from his staff.


Many people have seen an apparition of a young woman in a long day dress down in the catacombs - spaces under the basement used to store beer while it aged. The space is now used for fine dining.

Allen assumes that the spirit is of Mr. Bube's granddaughter, who went mad in the 1920s. Instead of sending her to an institution, her family let her wander the grounds.

"She haunted it while she was alive," Allen said, and the theory is that, even after her death a few decades later, she never left. "I've never seen her myself. I really think some people are more sensitive to ghosts. I have to start believing that's something's up."

Bube's is also home to another 1920s-era spirit. Allen said man visited the hotel the same time every month, signed his name "John Doe" and stayed in the same room. During prohibition, this might have been a bootlegger or gangster, Allen said, since there the hotel operated as a speakeasy.

There have been strange occurrences near that room, Allen said, and evidence from other investigations seems to suggested that other spirits want to avoid the area.

"It's almost as if (another) ghost presence is corroborating that there was a gangster," he said.

"Ghost Hunters" started to investigate Bube's Jan. 31. The staff left the building so the crew could collected evidence over night.

In all the crew was there about three days, Allen said.

"They did get the results," he added, and the crew said it was its first time in a haunted brewery.

Bube's ghost tours

Bube's Brewery, 102 N. Market St., Mount Joy, is a historic 19th century brewery, restaurant and entertainment complex that features live music, feasts and murder mystery dinners. Guests can dine in the Bottling Works, Biergarten and The Catacombs Restaurant.

Bube's also offers ghost tours. The next tour is slated for Friday, which is sold out. Others are scheduled for May 4 and 18.

The tours, which are for those 12 and older, begin at 10 p.m. in the Bottling Works lobby. Cost is $3.

For details and reservations, call 717-653-2056 or visit


Tonight's episode of "Ghost Hunters," titled "A Family of Spirits," was filmed this winter at Bube's Brewery in Mount Joy. It airs at 9 p.m. on the Syfy channel.

About "Ghost Hunters:"

Plumbers by day and leaders of The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) by night, Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson and their team try to track down ghosts. The one-hour weekly reality show airs at 9 p.m. Wednesdays on Syfy. It features investigations of so-called haunted locations. Wilson announced he was exiting the series in February. For details, visit

Other "Ghost Hunters" encounters in the area:

Crew members from SyFy's "Ghost Hunters" spooked local fans October 2010 and 11 at Penn State York's Pullo Family Performing Arts Center in Spring Garden Township.

In December 2007, the "Ghost Hunters" crew investigated the Cashtown Inn in Adams County. TAPS spent nearly four days scouring Inn, which was occupied by Confederate forces during The Civil War. The episode titled "Fear Cage" aired in spring 2008.