Mark McGlaughlin, co-owner of Corbin s BBQ Grill in Gettysburg, uses a vinegar based seasoning to spray the ribs. Corbin s uses a smoker to cook their
Mark McGlaughlin, co-owner of Corbin s BBQ Grill in Gettysburg, uses a vinegar based seasoning to spray the ribs. Corbin s uses a smoker to cook their food. (Eric Drummond - Evening Sun )
I love autumn, and I'm always glad to see the hot weather give way to cooler days and falling leaves. But that's just me, and I know most people want to hang onto summer as long as they can.

Corbin's BBQ Grill, the new barbecue joint in Gettysburg, might be your last chance this year for a taste of summer and outdoor seating. But you better get their quick. They wrap up their season at the end of this month. Corbin's is seasonal because, for now, there is only outdoor seating. Co-owner Scott Snyder hopes to have it winterized for a future season, and stay open year round.

This was Corbin's first year in business. Those from the area might know the location as the old Little Round Top Chuck Wagon. Snyder said when they opened in the spring, neighbors were immediately curious, following the scent of smoking meat to the new restaurant.

Corbin's specializes in slow-cooked meats, which Snyder said can last up to 12 hours. The meat is cooked in a smoker, a drum-shaped grill with a heavy lid. Inside the smoker are smoldering embers of wood - the type or types of wood used are a secret here and at most barbecue places, Snyder said. The kind of wood creating the smoke adds to the flavor, and is part of the secret recipe, like that of any grandmother or chef worth their weight in parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.

I'm pretty new to barbecue. To me, the word was always synonymous with my dad throwing burgers and dogs on the gas grill, knocking back a few and shooting bottle rockets at the neighbor's house - not necessarily in that order. That, of course, was back when all those activities were legal, but only in that order.

At Corbin's, barbecue means that smoked meats come out tender and soft, and are served pulled, or shredded. His menu is full of pulled pork, chicken and beef on buns, served with sides like french fries. The scent entices customers in. And in the cooling days of autumn, enjoying barbecue outside does feel like you're thumbing your nose at the Earth as it tilts away from the sun, turning the season predictably to winter. Take that, Earth!

I tried the ribwich with a side of fries. You hear descriptions of meat falling off the bone. Well, here in sandwich form, it appears the meat easily slide right off the bone and onto a bun. The sandwich comes with a side of homemade barbecue sauce, but with the smoky, biting taste from the ribs, I doubt you'd want to hide it beneath a sauce. Soft and juicy, you might want to have some napkins handy, but the barbecue taste is worth a little mess.

Barbecue, I found, has an addictive quality. Too bad Corbin's is closing soon for the season. But it does give me a reason to want to hold on to the summer.

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If you go

Corbin's BBQ Grill

LOCATION: 885 Taneytown Road, Gettysburg

HOURS: 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. during the weekends. Weekday hours vary in the off season. Closed for the winter at the end of October.

OWNER'S PICK: Pulled pork or beef


ACCEPTS: All major credit cards except American Express.

TAKE-OUT: Yes, they also cater


DETAILS : 334-3771